Assisted Living and Memory Care Consulting

I have been running this business for years but I don’t understand why those other guys are doing so well. I have the DSS in here up to my eyeballs and they're saying that I have 2 A level violations, 4 B level violations and so many deficiencies I can’t even think about it. I can’t see how I am going to make to the end of the day. And my owner is going to be so upset!

Hey, we’ve been there. We have experts at handling the DSS and state surveys. Vertical integration of services make your life easy. A doctor that wants to come to you and help you in your hour of need.

We can provide you with electronical medical records free of charge. The EMR increases communication speed so that instead of chasing a local primary care doctor for 1-2 months our doctor can supply the orders you need within 1-2m hours. The practitioners are nice and don’t give you attitude.

My staffing is out of control.


SRC has a team established consisting of the main elements of a successful assisted living: Operations, Healthcare, and Sales.

  • Full building design and Licensure

  • Implementation of medical services

  • Marketing and territory establishment

  • Referral Source contact list

  • Poor management and turnover analysis

  • We can fix your broken building and turn your reputation into a positive one

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