Concierge Medicine

The insurance game so frustrating. I have a great personality, I’m a great practitioner, my patients love me. Why can’t I charge what I want!

Well, literally you can. It is called the law of supply and demand. If your demand is high enough then maybe a concierge practice is the right thing for you. Before starting down this path you must ask yourself how much of yourself, how access to yourself, that you are willing to provide. The highest level of concierge medicine has some interesting rewards. You can reimbursed what you think you are worth. The trade off is that many of your clients will be high maintenance and very demanding. This not the only way of course. I think if concierge practice as having three levels.

Level 1: 24 hour access, all my patients have my personal cell number. I can take vacations but will likely need to take calls while I am on vacation. And yes this includes holidays. Patient load 300-500. Think “Saks Fifth Avenue”

Level II: High availability, same day work ins, no co-pays. Still able to to have holidays and vacations reserved. Think “Belks” or “Dillards”

Level III: enhance your practice with clients that are appreciative, pay better than the “blues”, no paper work, no prior authorizations. Think WalMart

SRC can show you how, transition into your new practice, and take the pain out management.

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